Vscan Air Wireless Ultrasound application

 Ultrasound imaging has made a major revolution in the field of medical diagnosis for many different diseases, because this imaging method does not cause any damage or problems, as sound waves do not carry any destructive effect on tissues, such as the effect of x-rays, for example, and this technique depends on the echo that occurs when sound waves bounce off from colliding with a specific object, the echo device is often characterized by imaging media that contain liquids and solid objects, while air affects the image quality

Application of the day
Today we will mention to you one of the impressive applications because it can take pictures using the echo by connecting the sensor to a mobile device and then displaying the pictures on it, It is an application
  Vscan Air Wireless Ultrasound

The world is living in a state of tremendous development these days, as modern technologies and software have shown applications with functions that exceeded expectations, and it is possible to conduct an Echo image through the mobile device in a simple and easy way
 You only need to have a sensor and connect this sensor to the mobile phone wirelessly, then you work on the application until you get clear pictures, and you can view these pictures and control their movement and details as you like on your device

  Advantages of the application
This application provides quick access to the imaging process by owning the Vscan Air probe

The application has a simple, easy and uncomplicated user interface

You can share photos through this application on all different platforms

This application can work with the presence of the wireless sensor, which does not exceed the size of the palm of the hand, in addition to the ability of this probe to take superficial and deep images, as this sensor works on the battery

This application is considered the last resort for all people who work in the profession of medical imaging, where conditions are difficult at times and an ultrasound device is not available, so it is possible for them to use this application

This application provides you with access to important information and patient assessment quickly and accurately, in all places and times, by obtaining a high-quality image

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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