The best reference for all doctors and medical students (Manuale MSD Professionisti)

With the sunrise of each new day, medical information and clinical ideas increase, as information is developed and updated on an annual basis, and the frequency of these updates increases with the advancement of technological sciences and software and their integration with medical sciences, which makes the doctor obligated to keep abreast of all developments and new medical information 
  And today, in this article, we will talk about one of the best applications that provide modern medical information to all health care members, it is the Manuale MSD Professionisti application

Here on the Doctor website, we are interested in knowing all the modern medical details that have increased in the recent period, and then presenting these updates to you in the form of an application that brings you all the new medical details

Contents of Manuale MSD Professionisti
This application provides all health care personnel with clear details and interpretation of all modern information, which can be applied on the ground to improve the general condition of many patients in all specialties, whether internal or surgical, because this application mentions at the beginning the causes of the disease and mentions how it occurs and the pathological mechanisms as suggested by a number of the differential diagnoses and some ideas that allow the doctor to assess the situation and choose the best treatment

  Application features
This application is a respected and reliable reference for all members of the medical staff

The use of this application is free, and you do not need to pay any amount of money

 You do not have to register in the application in order to obtain information, as registration is optional

This application is devoid of annoying ads that distract the doctor

 In the application, there are many medical articles and information that are continuously updated by many specialized academics, who number more than 300 academic students

  In this application, there are many drawings and pictures that illustrate diseases greatly, which makes the student's understanding of the information better, in addition to the presence of educational medical videos that provide a lot of important information

Download the app
The application is downloaded in two steps, the first step is to download the application from the site whose link we will attach, and the second step is to download the content within the application, so do not leave the application until the medical content in it is downloaded

Via the following link click here 

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