Edge Lighting Application for Device Edge Illumination

 The appearance of a device is one of the most important aspects for mobile phone users
They always aim to make their phones look stylish and in the best possible way
In this article, we will introduce you to the application that will transform your device into a stylish and modern phone

Edge Lighting Application
When you use this application, you will get a very beautiful customization for your phone with lighting that suits you, along with an amazing interface and a battery-saving feature

Application Features
Multiple customization options, including various shapes
Control over lighting properties such as intensity and thickness on the edges
Brightness and contrast adjustment
Customization of backgrounds that match the set lighting
Ability to adjust for different screen types, targeting a wider range of users
Customize your own interfaces and choose pictures you’ve taken from your gallery

About the Application
Compatible with Android 4.2 and above
Release Date: 18/6/2019
Last Update: 2/8/2022
Number of Downloads: Over a million

Download the application through 
the following link click here

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