Mo’amlaty App

 Do you suffer from long queues at government institutions
Does this issue affect the nature of your work
 Here is the solution with the ‘My Transactions’ app, which will solve all these problems through the electronic transaction system

The ‘My mo’amlaty’ app offers services to all citizens by completing all transactions in Syria using the electronic payment feature
This will enable you to complete any administrative transaction from the comfort of your home, without the need to spend long hours in queues

 You can fill out the forms for each transaction, complete the payment process, and then receive the documents via mail quickly

User Guide for the App
Download the app and create your own account, entering the required information, including full name and national ID
Confirm your password through the verification code and then click on the registration option

What transactions can be completed through this app
Civil registry transactions
Passport registration reservations
Real estate documents
Complete court procedures
Criminal and civil records
Student transactions, papers, and graduation documents

You can download this app with its simple and user-friendly interface, which will provide you with an unparalleled experience and convenience through this link

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