Get the best series and movies in 2023

 Many people prefer to get a lot of movies and series in the form of files without having to go to applications that need an Internet connection and that display the same content, so we will bring you in today’s article a folder full of foreign films with high resolution, as this resolution reaches 4K and if the size of this folder was very large and you could not open it on your device, we will also provide you with a solution through a wonderful application called MEGA, as this application works on cloud storage and provides you with privacy and security and protects you from information violations

To download the folder click here 

You must import the movies to your account after you create an account on the Mega website, where you must keep these files so that you do not lose them if the download stops or a network problem occurs

What is the MEGA App 
This application is one of the applications that work on cloud storage besides providing very high privacy and security for the user, as this company has established the idea of ​​cloud storage, which is a number of files that are encrypted and controlled by the user until he accesses them through browsers and many applications on devices  This is in contrast to the work of the rest of the applications that operate in the cloud storage mechanism, which leaves the user encrypting or decrypting files by himself, and not the site or application that does that

Pros of the application
 This app offers enough free storage space for all users up to 20 GB

 In addition, you can get an additional five gigabytes through the rewards offered by this application

There is also a subscription in the application that provides you with a very large storage space that is sufficient for all the files you want

This application works on all devices that support the Android system, and this is thanks to modern software that helps people to access the best applications, which makes their lives easier

 There is a high percentage of security and privacy in this application, so you will not have to go to a lawyer

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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