Immunology and Microbiology Application

 The development of immunology in the past period, as it was able to reach many discoveries and recent developments related to the human body and the mechanism of the immune system dealing with foreign bodies or with the body itself
As for talking about microbiology, it is concerned with small bodies that attack human bodies and infect them with diseases, and this is disturbing because it will lead to the loss of one of the active members of society temporarily, as these small bodies cause weakness in the patient’s body, so he is not able to move and work, especially after the high temperature, which is part of the immune reaction to the presence of a foreign body in the body

Microbiology And Immunology App 
This application teaches students a number of information about microorganisms and immunity, because it displays a number of models in these microorganisms, such as viruses, fungi, and germs, and then how the immune system deals with these microorganisms, as the immune system is divided into two parts: humoral immunity and cellular immunity

Application contents
 There are some general ideas related to microbiology in this application

 This application displays how to classify microorganisms from the simplest to the most complex

This application classifies organisms as prokaryotes or eukaryotes

There are a number of models in this application that show the student the differences between the types of microorganisms

 There is also a gram staining feature in this application, as it classifies germs into gram-positive and gram-negative, which is a classification related to the presence of the cell wall ,If the cell wall is found, the germs are gram-positive and vice versa

Application features
This application was able to combine microbiology and immunology in one application, which makes the study of these two sciences together easier and simpler, as many points that arose from the intervention of the two sciences together were clarified

 This program was developed and prepared by modern software that helped the world to use technology in different areas of life

 This application is free and you can download it directly from the store without causing any problems or damage

The size of this application is small and is suitable for all devices running the Android system

Download the application
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