Cardio Echo Application

 Many great inventions appeared that contributed to the development of the medical sector significantly, and the echocardiogram is considered one of these creative inventions because it allowed many doctors to evaluate the patient based on taking an ultrasound image of the patient's heart away from the harm and cost of x-rays and magnetic resonance

Today we will talk about a distinguished application that helps all students learn about heart diseases by looking at a number of cardiac echocardiograms, which display various cardiac abnormalities
It is the Cardio Echo Application 

This application is considered the best way for the student to learn a lot of information about the cardiac echocardiogram, because the application displays many high-quality videos and images, which allows many students to understand cardiac abnormalities and diseases

Application contents
This application displays a full explanation of all the problems that can be diagnosed through the use of the Echo device

In this application, there are also a number of videos that do not exceed two seconds in length, but they carry a lot of interest and important details

This application requires an Internet connection in order to work, but since the videos inside it do not exceed the size of two seconds, you will not face any problem in viewing these videos, even if the connection is weak

Application features
This application is considered a comprehensive medical educational reference that provides a lot of scientific services to all students, cardiologists, surgeons and other specialists who care about echocardiography and who are interested in ultrasound diagnosis

The appropriate resolution for the videos displayed by this application is: VGA (640 x 480) and WVGA (800 x 480), and there are high-resolution screens with high quality

All medical ideas and explanations in this application have been checked by a number of specialists, but if you encounter any problem, you can send it to an e-mail so that this defect is fixed as soon as possible

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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