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   Many users suffer from problems related to the keyboard, because it is limited and does not contain many features and additions that make writing easier and simpler for them

 Today we will talk about one of the applications that solve this problem because it will provide you with an application related to the keyboard, as it is considered one of the applications that provide a tool that makes working on the phone easier, thanks to modern software that always finds a number of distinct applications that are interested in making all steps in life easier

IKeyboard App 
It is an application that offers a beautiful keyboard with a lot of expressions, shortcuts and funny symbols
 It is also an interactive and modern keyboard that makes it the first choice among all the keyboards that you can download

Pros of iKeyboard App

 This application offers a large number of emoticons and emojis that you can use when you correspond with anyone, whether on social networking sites or e-mail, These emojis can also enrich the texts you write

This app contains a predictor of the emoji that you will use like the Telegram app

This application helps to provide many stickers and GIFs that you can send to all your friends and laugh together

 This application is rich in moving images from which you can send whatever you want to whoever you want

 There are more than 5,000 themes in this application that allow you to decorate the shape of letters and symbols in a dazzling and professional manner and help to refresh memory

 In this application, there are a large number of types of letters, symbols, font shapes, and sounds that are issued when transferring to the letters you can choose any of them to make the text messages that you send beautiful, ornate, and wonderful

 You can choose a picture from the gallery or take it immediately to set it as a keyboard background

You can enlarge and reduce the size of the keyboard in case you want to use it with one hand, and there are many additions and features that allow you to use it easier

 You can control the music playing in the background of the keyboard by entering a number of guitar, jazz, and other sounds

There is also an intelligent automatic correction in the application that prevents you from making mistakes when you want to print files

 This application supports more than 150 languages, in which you will find Arabic, English, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Hindi, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Dutch, Hungarian, Turkish and many other languages

 The application is free and you can use it without paying any amounts or money, as it works on all devices that support the Android system

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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