Drug Book Application

 Pharmaceutical preparations are one of the most important elements of medical treatment, where the patient, after going to the doctor, needs a medicine in order to get rid of the disease that he suffers from, get rid of the annoying symptoms, and return healthy as he was 100 percent, but many patients suffer from ignorance of medicines, so they do not know what the medicine is or what it is, its type, indications, side effects, or even the dose that they must take, so you will find them often asking the doctor or pharmacist about the date of taking the drug, so we will talk about a distinguished application that provides information about medicines and all the specifications that pertain to them so that we get a medically and pharmacologically educated community in addition to that it can be a reference tool for the doctor so that he does not forget his information

 Drug Book Application 

 The application that provides information about medicines, side effects, and the dose you need in addition to the uses of this medicine and its indications and the time you should take it, which leads to an increase in the medical culture of the community so that they learn about a lot of medicines through this application, as this application relied on modern software that contributed by enriching the Internet with many important and distinct applications

 Advantages of the application
This application provides a scientific and educational service to all members of society so that they can learn about medicinal products, their uses and side effects

This application provides both the scientific and commercial name of the drug, in addition to mentioning similar items and many other useful information that assures the patient of the safety of this drug

 The medicines in this application were divided according to their pharmaceutical form, so that similar forms are collected together, and there are capsules, ampoules, pills, suppositories, ointments, creams, and other pharmaceutical forms

 Application features

 The most characteristic of this application is the use of many languages such as Arabic, English and many others

The application contains all important medicinal items such as antibiotics, drugs for the nervous system, the digestive system, asthma, the cardiovascular system and the rest of the body systems

You can download this application for free, as it is suitable for all devices and does not require a large amount of space on the device

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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