Learn more about lower back pain with the Lower Back Pain and Sciatica R app

 Lower back pain is one of the most common pains that affect a large percentage of people, as the percentage of patients exhausted from pain reaches 80%, which is considered a large percentage that makes knowledge of this pain important, and the study of this subject receives great attention, so no student can study a curriculum  medicine without learning about back pain, which includes spasticity, nerve root pain, and other tumors and immune disorders

There are many causes that lead to the occurrence of pain in the sacral-sciatic junction, and these pains fall under the immunological, traumatic, muscular, metabolic, tumoral and septic causes

Today, we will mention to you a distinguished application that helps relieve pain and relieves you temporarily or permanently of pain through a number of different exercises, It is the Lower Back Pain and Sciatica application

 Lower Back Pain and Sciatica
This application works to provide health care for all lower back pain through some exercises that move the muscles and joints of the lower back

The number of these exercises in the application is 7, and these exercises help to get rid of spasm and move both muscles and vertebrae, making the back soft and mobile

You can find many features within this application, such as

This application relieves you of lower back pain, in addition to increasing muscle strength, which improves joint functioning

This application requires a short time for exercise, so the exercise time does not exceed two minutes, so you must try this application and you will not regret downloading it

The patient must pay attention when performing exercises to the technique he works with and not the speed of performing this exercise Rapid exercise may harm the patient and not benefit him,these exercises were chosen from techniques and software based on references and opinions of specialists

 You can download this application for free without restrictions or financial fees, and its size is suitable for all devices, and the application works on various devices

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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