Learn first aid with the Lifesaver app

 First aid and emergency medicine are important and main issues in the lives of many people who are exposed to serious health problems such as heart attacks and various brain diseases that lead to a patient’s unconsciousness in places far from health centers
For this matter, all people must learn the rules of first aid in order to save many people and give a new opportunity to many people

First aid mechanism
The first emergency steps are to clean the pulmonary respiratory tract, then make sure that the patient is breathing by observing the movements of the chest wall, inhalation and exhalation, and then the patient's pulse must be felt and the patient has a pulse, and this can be summarized in English with the letters ABC
A: airway B: breath C: circulation

And when there is a problem in the cardiovascular and respiratory system, first aid operations must be started, which include pressure on the chest wall at a rate of 30 pressures for one artificial breath in adults, and in children, 15 pressures on the chest are performed for a single artificial breath

It is also possible to perform defibrillation through the cardiac electrical device

Lifesaver app
This application teaches you to perform first aid operations because it simulates reality by putting a patient in a dangerous condition and you have to play the role of a paramedic and then you must save the patient's life

Application pros
This application has a lot of advantages, such as

In this application there are instructional videos about first aid and how to deal with dangerous situations

 The software worked on adding real stories to this application so that the trainer gets real stories from the event

 This application is characterized by the presence of a simple and easy to use interface without any problems

 The size of this application is suitable for all devices and does not take up any space on the device

You can download this application for free

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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