Investigation of eye diseases through the Amsler Grid application

 The blessing of sight is the greatest blessing that a person can obtain, and therefore a person must take care of his eyes and not neglect them so that he can live without relying on anyone else from family or friends

The eyes transmit the image that a person sees through sticks and cones, and then to the optic nerve, which transmits the nerve impulse to the brain, and the brain, in turn, translates these impulses into real images

Therefore, every person must examine his eyes periodically at the doctor, and today we will talk about one of the distinguished applications that diagnose eye problems, and this will definitely prompt you to go to the doctor and have your eyes examined, It is the Amsler Grid application

Amsler Grid app
The application that works as a diagnostic tool that detects all diseases and problems that affect the eyes, such as myopia, farsightedness, and physical injuries such as bruises and radiation
This application works permanently and at the time you want

Pros of the application
 This application is characterized by its ease of use and the large size of its buttons, which helps the patient to use the application, regardless of his visual impairment

 The application does not need access to your information, as it is distinguished by the absence of a violation of privacy or your private information

 The size of this application is not considered large, as it is of a small size and is suitable for all devices running the Android system, and it is a free application that works based on advanced software

This application provides medical advice at home without the need to go to the doctor, except when the need arises

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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