The last update of the Wayin application, version 2023

 Citizens suffered, after the lull in military operations in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, from a severe shortage of food resources and oil derivatives

Therefore, the Syrian government worked to put in place an electronic system that prevents monopoly and distributes food and oil allocations normally through an electronic application that arranges the role of citizens from the oldest to the newest, and it is based on this

  The application distributes oil derivatives, such as gasoline, diesel fuel, and gas, and foodstuffs are also distributed, such as bread, sugar, and other basic food items that every home needs

And the application that we will talk about is the Wayin application, which has become famous and known to all Syrian citizens who want to obtain basic needs through this application

The latest update of the application 
was released for the year 2023, which carries a number of additions and services that were not present in previous versions

The last update of the Wayin application for the year 2023
The application that works throughout the Syrian Arab Republic and works to give a role to every citizen who wants to obtain basic materials and professions, which we mentioned in the introductions of the article, where every citizen gets a smart card through which he gets the basic needs that he wants, and these materials are distributed fairly and equally among all  Families, according to the role

Additions in the Wayin application for the year 2023
According to the latest news and rumors, the mate material will be added to this application and it will have monthly allocations, according to what was stated by the Minister of Trade and Consumer Protection

Application features

 This application is light in size, suitable for all devices, and it is a free application

 This application presents all the cards that belong to you, and mentions the benefits you have received, the remaining benefits, and the number of beneficiaries

Through this application, you can determine the station closest to you, which provides you with both gasoline and diesel fuel. You can also choose the gas distributor that you want

 There is a window in the application for submitting complaints

 This application provides the necessary answers to all inquiries that come to your mind, which you can find within the inquiry section

This free application shall be free of advertisements, which may hinder a citizen's benefit from important materials

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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