You can know what kind of personality you are by your signature

 You can know what kind of personality you are by your signature

A personal signature is a declaration from the signatory that he agreed to the document that you signed, as there are many uses for the signature that prove that the person has seen the documents and signed them, and according to this signature he agreed to the items, received a sum of money, or was a witness to a contract, and the signature is used in alot of transactions in state departments and banks and a lot of uses that make this signature important so that we can verify the identity of the owner, and it is known that there are a lot of different signatures in shape, drawing and pattern, so there is no signature similar to the other, but the thing that you did not know is that the signature reflects some characteristics that expresses the person who signed, where for each signature there is an analysis of the personality of the person signing, and this depends on many characteristics of the signature, such as line, curvature, and inclination, as all this helps in giving some characteristics to the person, and if you want to discover your personality, you must bring paper and pen and sign it, then continue this article to get to know your personality, but you have to destroy the paper after you finish so that no one can use it

Personal analysis
 The signature, which is consistent carries an artistic and beautiful character, reflects a personality that loves beauty, elegance and consistency, just as this person is comfortable

 If the signature is chaotic and random, then this person has a cold personality and disposition, and his life is dominated by chaos and haste

 But if the signature bears the name of the person who signed it or his family name, then this reflects great self-confidence, especially if the name is very clear in the signature, and this person is frank, realistic and logical

On the contrary, in the signature, which is vague and does not contain the name of the person who signed, this reflects a very mysterious personality, or that this person has gone through many bad events in his life

 When the line is closer to the geometric shape and has many sharp and straight angles, this reflects a sharp mood and intense nervousness, in addition to high sensitivity

Contrary to the one with sharp angles, if the signature contains arcs and bends, this indicates that the person who signs has strong emotions and possesses a great deal of tenderness

 If a person puts two lines above his signature, then this person loves to defend himself and has the characteristic of selfishness, but if he puts the two lines below the signature, this means that he is a person who loves to appear and loves to be praised by others

When the signatory puts a point at the end of the signature, this means that he wants to finish the matter quickly, in addition to that he is a very careful person and fearful of forgery

 If a person puts the letter X in the signature, then this means that he is afraid of losing something very dear to him

As for when someone hides part of his signature, he is a person who is psychologically uncomfortable and unstable and always afraid of doing anything new

After we finished talking about personalities, analyzing them, interpreting each signature, and what hides the diversity of personalities behind it, we must now talk about one of the important applications that creates an electronic signature for you. It is an application (the electronic signature maker application)

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Application features
This application enables you to sign various files, documents, and images, especially PDF and Microsoft files

 The application is designed to be compatible with devices that support the Android system

 This application offers a simple, easy, and varied user interface, because there are many changes that you can get, such as changing the font size, background, text color, or even font quality, and this is thanks to modern software that helped to create distinct, diverse, and visually impressive applications

You can use this application for free and download it from the store without paying any money

 This application does not need to connect to the Internet, and thus you will get rid of annoying ads

Download the application
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