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 Mathematics and derivation
Many students suffer while studying mathematics, especially when they are studying high school, in which mathematics develops to a very difficult level, as it contains many ideas that were not previously familiar, such as the logarithmic function and the exponential function, in addition to students knowing derivation and integration, which is difficult and needs follow-up and attention and continuous study so that he can pass it, but software science did not leave the students alone to study, rather it will provide them with an application that helps them study derivation in a way that makes them pass these exams well

 It is the Derivative Table application
This application is considered a great reference for many students, as it contains laws, basic rules, tables, and various diagrams that help the student understand the idea of ​​derivation and integration so that he does not continue to study these things in a deaf manner without understanding anything

 Derivation is about finding a specific point that passes in the subordinate in a specific moment of time, and thus the derivative subordinate constitutes a tangent to the original subordinate

 The application is not satisfied with presenting the laws and the method of study, but rather it will provide students with solved exercises and tests that help them verify their proper study

Application contents
 The application contains derivational laws and rules for all ordinary, trigonometric, logarithmic, exponential, and other functions

 In the application, there are many solutions to exercises and examples that help the student to solve when he faces any question related to derivation

The application contains many explanations and references related to derivation in the form of tables and PDF files

Pros of the application

 You can download this application from the store for free, and there are no additional fees within the application

 This application is devoid of distracting advertisements to focus students, and this matter makes downloading the application very useful for all students

 There is a section in the application for solved exercises and examples so that the student can know the solution

This application has an easy-to-use and uncomplicated interface that helps the student to easily acquire information

Download the application
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