Unit Converter Application

 In many cases, you have an amount of money with you in a specific currency, and you want to calculate how much this amount is worth in another currency, so you use the calculator to multiply the amount you own by the conversion price to the other currency you want, and this matter takes you a long time until you know how much the conversion value is today, then you use the calculator, so it is easier for you to use an application that provides you with conversion between currencies, in addition to a number of other features that will make your trading matters easier and will help you get rid of the problems of wasting time while you are looking for the currency price, so you can download the unit application  converter, which not only converts currencies, but also helps convert physical and chemical units

Unit Converter
This application is one of the simple and easy-to-use applications, but although it is simple, its benefits are very great, because it is useful in more than one field, such as the economic field, physics and chemistry, because it converts between physical and chemical units, as it is able to convert between centimeters and kilometers, as it can convert  the volt, millivolt, mole, micromole, and a large number of these units that this application can convert with ease, and this is all based on modern software and artificial intelligence that helps make the money circulation process easier and the study of chemistry and physics simpler

 It also makes calculating debts, loans, mortgages, and health social insurance  much faster and consumes much less time and effort than the time that will be consumed if the traditional method of calculation is followed

Application features

 You can download this application without paying any money because it is completely free

This application keeps updating of all changes that occur, especially exchange rate changes, as it transfers exchange rates from reliable global sites

 There are more than 150 currencies in this application that can give you the price of each currency in exchange for another currency

Like currency rates, there is also a large number of units, which exceed 72 units, especially units of speed, size, distance, and many others

Download the application
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