Decipher Medical Prescription

 Reading prescriptions is considered one of the most difficult tasks in the career of anyone dealing with the health care sector, because the doctor who writes this prescription often writes it and has a bad handwriting, and thus we get a vague and unclear prescription, so you need a lot of experience to be able to read it

 Today we will mention one of the important applications that allow you to read prescriptions and teach you to do through a number of exercises provided by the application, as it puts a number of pictures of different prescriptions and asks you about the contents of this prescription of medicines, and you write the name of the medicine in the picture, so you can learn how to read  these recipes, it's a Decipher medical prescription application 

Decipher medical prescription
This application helps to make you able to read medical prescriptions through a number of tests that are illustrated, and you must know the letters that make up the name of this medicine that the doctor prescribed, as this application depends in its design on modern software in addition to technologies and artificial intelligence and linking them all with medical science, and this is something that will make you able to obtain a high scientific degree, and then you can easily read all the medical prescriptions that someone may offer you, and you will not be embarrassed by not knowing how to decipher the writing of the hand of the doctor who wrote this prescription

 You can also learn through this application a number of  Common medicines that treat the most common diseases around the world, which will enrich your cognitive ability in diseases and medicines

Advantages of this application 

 This application provides an area for entertainment in addition to learning recipes, as the screen on which letters are written is completely similar to games

Through this application, you can challenge your friends and send them a number of prescriptions so that they can read them and learn about their contents

 In recent updates, there have been a number of beautiful additions, such as the ability to delete one letter without deleting the entire sentence, in addition to the presence of the eraser that allows you to delete entire words

 This application is suitable for all Android devices, and you can use it in an easy and simple way, as it is distinguished by the presence of an easy and uncomplicated interface

 You do not have to pay any financial fees in order to download the application because it is completely free 

Download the application
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