Medical X-ray Interpretation

 With the passage of time, the medical sector has developed greatly, and now we can obtain many services and features that did not exist previously

  What made the students in the College of Medicine need to study radiology and have to know how to read the radiograph and how we can get the best possible image, and this matter required those students who study in the College of Medicine more learning and information about reading these radiographs, so we decided today to talk  about one of the applications that will help you a lot in reading these x-rays, which is the Medical Xray interpretation Application 

Medical Xray Interpretation 
This application is distinguished by its ability to give students great features that allow them to identify radiological images, know the place where they were photographed, and differentiate between both normal physiological cases and pathological conditions that must be treated in order to return to normal without any problems or other complications, as this application contains in the beginning a simplified explanation about the radiography of both the chest and abdomen

There are also many high-quality images in the application, which are close to 300 radiographic images, and this number can cover the entire body completely with more than one image for each place of the human body

 Useful and distinctive information that helps detect the presence of a problem in one of the human organs, thanks to modern technical software and its integration with medical sciences

The chest x-ray makes the doctor able to determine the diagnosis he has reached, as he knows that there are a number of differential diagnoses that he reached before requesting the tests and x-rays, but after he reads the x-ray, he is able to determine the disease that afflicts this patient

In this application there are a lot of radial ideas and diseases, medical Xray interpretation, as there are in this application the foundations and rules that help each student to read the image and interpret it and know the type of diseases that affect the chest wall or pulmonary tissue, and there are many diseases and examples of them such as tumors, fibrosis, pleural effusion, pneumothorax and insufficiency  heart and others

Application features
This application is an easy and useful reference that will make all students understand the radiographs and they will not make any mistakes when they read these images

 This application is completely free and there are no paid fees until you get it

The size of the application is ideal for all devices and cannot cause any damage or problems, as it is suitable for all versions of Android

Download the application via the following link click here

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