The Way To Lock Your Profile On Facebook

 Many people hide all the details on their pages on social networking sites, and this is due to many personal considerations that some people care about

 It is possible that a married girl does not want anyone to see pictures of her and her family, as she considers that seeing these pictures by anyone is a violation of her privacy, so she locks the profile, and someone may lock the account, because he does not want anyone to see old pictures of him when he was young, as he evades the ridicule that he may be exposed to from his friends

 Facebook application
 This application is considered the most famous social networking site and one of the most important ones, because it is a large platform that includes many people whose number is one and a half billion and perhaps two billion users, where the virtual Meta company manages this application with a package of other important applications

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 Now we will talk about the method that enables you to close the private profile on your Facebook page, through the following steps

 Open the Facebook application, then go to Settings

 Then you go to the settings, you have to go to the profile option

Then you will see many options that you can do, and then you can choose the option to lock the profile, and thus you will get a locked account

 And now we will talk about a distinguished application that helps people who do not have enough memory in their devices

It is the Facebook Lite application, as this application is considered the best alternative to the Facebook application, through which you can browse easily without any problems and use your personal account through an application with a smaller size and lower battery consumption 

 It does not even need the same internet speed as the basic Facebook application

 Pros of the Facebook Lite app

This application is easy to download and install because it is a very simple and light application

 Follow-up of all photos and videos is faster, because downloading files and media is faster than the main application

When you download this application, the internet of my heart will consume a lot more than the main application, because its consumption of data is less

Modern software provides the best application similar to Facebook that works in the case of weak internet, unstable networks, or devices that only support 2G internet

Download the application
Via the following link click here 

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