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 Genetics is the most complex science and at the same time it is one of the most important medical sciences that began to attract the attention of many experts and specialists in various medical fields, because heredity contains most of the things that we live in our daily lives

It is related to characteristics, shape, diseases, and even some genes can respond to one drug more than other drugs, and a drug may benefit one person more than it benefits another person, and the differences exceed this matter and may reach the level of cancer, as studies have shown that some genes increase the chance of developing one of the types of cancer, and it has been proven the association of breast cancer with some dangerous genes

 Therefore, in some references, breast cancer is considered one of the inherited diseases

 Today, research in genetics has become one of the most important things that every scientist must research and develop

 Genetics app
 This application is considered one of the applications that were made by modern software that worked on integrating different sciences with modern technologies, and this made many students able to learn more information and enrich their educational stock about many applications and useful information

 This application is classified as one of these useful educational applications that talks about genetics in all its branches and what it contains of tests, ideas and theories, as it presents a set of pictures and videos that help and teach many students about different genes contained within this application also this application includes information about the genetic code

 The genetic code is a complex and important circuit that is useful in knowing how the body works completely, starting from DNA to RNA and then to the cytoplasm within which protein is formed by collecting amino acids and converting them into proteins

 Application pros
 You can use this application for free without paying any amounts or money

 In the application there are many notes and instructions that this application directs to students so that they can advance in their education

 You can search the application through voice search, and you can search the history as well

 This application was created on the basis of modern software that combined modern applications with the science found in books, and thus we obtained useful and wonderful educational applications

 When you subscribe to the upgraded version of the application, you get a number of additional features, such as the absence of ads, access to photos and videos without an Internet connection, in addition to clearing the entire search history

Download the application
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