All Document Reader One Read Application

Do you suffer from collecting all files in one folder? If you want to get rid of this problem and collect all files in one folder, so I think that today's article will be useful because we will mention a useful application that will make all files readable in one application, according to the different formats in which they are found

It's All Document Reader One Read Application 

All Document Reader One Read
 The task of this application is to display documents and files that usually appear on the mobile device, but they appear in multiple formats and through more than one application so you don't need now to transfer it from a format to another

 When you download this application, you will be able to open all files in different formats, such as the following file types: PDF, DOC, DOCX, and  XLS, XLXS, PPT, and TXT

The most important thing in the program is that it scans these files, which will help to save them in one folder, and then it will display them easily 

Advantages of this application

 This application can display folders and files in an easy and simplified manner, such as PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, and the rest of the applications in folders

This application is an easy-to-view application because all documents are displayed in the same place

 In the application there is a list of favorites in which you can put the files that you want to return to quickly

The application has a powerful and fast search engine, which makes you able to search for anything instantly

Simple and easy to use

This application is small in size and does not exceed 12 megabytes, so you can download it simply

You can arrange the files according to alphabetical order, size, last modification, or any other classification that you want to add

 You can share these files through the application by linking with social networking applications with friends 

Download the application 
Get the application through the following link click here

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