Room and a half game

Room and a half game
A lot of comic games have spread recently and try to make users who play this game laugh through some of the jokes that exist in it, and today we will talk about one of these games that has spread recently and it is a room and a text game where this game is based on an idea  Imitation of everything, such as inanimate objects, such as the air conditioner, the broom, and the rest of the parts of the house, as well as imitation of some rodents, such as cockroaches, by drawing an impressive animation

Game contents
Thanks to the modern software, the developers were able to invent many applications that simulate some fictional stories and virtual entertaining challenges, which today’s game is considered one of them, as the game begins by performing some tasks in the house such as suctioning dirt, turning on the air conditioner, filling the container from the tap, grilling toast and hunting insects ، If you pass the stage successfully in the background, you will find three balloons telling you “horrible” or “smart” but if you lose they will tell you “you are a loser” with some nice jokes that add an atmosphere of fun to the game so you have to download this game and enjoy it

Game pluses

This game is considered one of the best comedy games that make you laugh constantly

 As we mentioned in the article, the game contains many distinct animation images and creative graphics that serve the idea of ​​the comic game

 Within this game there are a number of different games that allow you to change games and get rid of the problem of boredom when you play with one game

 This game is one of the free games that do not need the Internet to work and you can play it offline

The size of this game is small and does not require a large space until you download it, as this game is suitable for all devices

Download the game
Via the following link click here

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