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 Many students suffer when they study mathematics, because this particular subject needs a lot of thinking, focus and creativity in order to be able to perform well in it, but mathematics is no longer that difficult after the spread of a large number of good professors and useful applications that helped greatly to find the best educational means for students, so today we will talk about one of these applications so that students can benefit from it because it will make mathematics an easier subject

 It is the application of Math & Science Tutor - Algebra

Math & Science Tutor - Algebra
This application is considered one of the distinguished applications that help to overcome many obstacles in the subjects of mathematics, physics and chemistry, because it displays many pictures and videos that teach the student a number of laws and principles in mathematics, algebra, engineering, statistics, probability, physics, financial calculations, chemistry and other important topics that provided by this application, it helps the student to overcome the learning obstacles that many of them face at different levels

Pros of the application

This application is useful in educating all students and raising their level in mathematics and other related sciences, such as physics, chemistry, accounting, and many other applications that hinder many students

The application has a list of favorites through which you can save the lessons that you want to repeat until you see them again

 Like the YouTube application, there is a list of the videos that you have watched recently

There is a box to search for anything you want within this application

This application evaluates the student through a number of useful tests that develop them

 This application is characterized by the ability to link with social networking sites, where you can share all the things you want through it

 This application is free and you can download it without paying any additional amounts, but there are some lessons that need to pay money for the benefit of the professor, but the application is free in general and contains a number of free explanations, and this application is light in size and small and supports all devices that are running  Android also it does not contain annoying ads

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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