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 If you are a fan of VR technology, then today you can follow this technology through the Google Cardboard application and get a wonderful and realistic experience from the virtual world, as this technology helps to know and see a lot of virtual things that look very realistic and contribute to making you see your mobile screen with 3D technology and you can  see a lot of landscapes or even a number of museums, monuments, stadiums, giant and huge facilities, and all of that through your device while you are sitting at home, and thus you can travel to all parts of the world without moving a finger, and this is wonderful and majestic, as modern software contributed to these ideas that served  many people who have reached a high stage of development allow them to see things in 3D today through the Google application, which helps activate this technology and will provide the most beautiful 3D images and videos that help to go to many places
so imagine that you want to go to your place of origin and work  refresh your memory and bring back many beautiful memories that you lived through this augmented virtual reality

Google cardboard app
This application is characterized by displaying many three-dimensional images that help in seeing them as if they look real, and this matter can be applied to many cases such as maps, pictures and games
When applied to maps, it makes you travel to the place you want, but when applied to images, you can go to the place you miss  through the picture that I took of him one day when you went to that place and return to it without going to that place
 The most beautiful part that this application offers is the games, as this application is characterized by seeing the games in a three-dimensional way, so imagine that you see the game that you are playing as if it appears  in front of you, in fact, you really get tired of playing it, even if you did not like this game before now, you will continue to play it all the time, because you feel that it is in front of you, and all the characters seem to be your friends

This application has a lot of advantages
This application is the realistic means that connects you to the virtual world, as this application works to be the link between reality and imagination

This application is distinguished because it is free and there are no additional amounts that must be paid in order to obtain it

The application is simple, easy, and free of complexity, because all you have to do is activate the VR feature and connect it to the mobile phone, and then you will see the image beautifully and wonderfully

 But this technology should not be used in dangerous situations such as driving, for example, so if you are driving a car, it is not preferable to  use this application because it can cause serious damage

Download the application
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