CAPC Internal Parasites ID

Today's application is considered one of the important and useful applications in the field of parasitology for all medical college students, as this application helps in knowing all kinds of parasites and studying different shapes and sizes  and viruses, also fungi and protozoa, and for this reason many students do not like them, but today’s application will make them love them for sure because it will show us all the differences between the different types of parasites, their shapes and sizes. It is the CAPC Internal Parasites ID application

CAPC Internal Parasites ID
This application is one of the best academic scientific applications that benefit from its use by many students who study in medical colleges and who have difficulty in studying parasites

 The parasite that is under the microscope so you have learned well about microbiology through this application that can provide you with all kinds and all names of different parasites and also gives you the tests related to each parasite

Pros of the application
The application is considered a participant in large and wide areas of technological technology and artificial intelligence that links scientific information with technical information

The application is free and there are no fees or add-ons to be paid

The application is not considered huge and you do not need to delete a number of applications to download it

The language of the application is English

 The application is available on most versions of Android, so you can download it easily

Download the application 
To get an application through the following link click here 

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