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Recently, and with the development of many medical pharmaceutical preparations, pharmacies have been able to play a prominent role in providing health care, as the pharmacy has now become for many people the place from which they take medicine for treatment and obtain it to solve simple and easy health problems without any problem
  Pharmacies play the role of a doctor and prescribe medicine to all people without going back to the doctor, even though this is not considered a correct and proper matter, but it is something that exists and we must deal with it because people often go to pharmacies to ask for medicine without going to the doctor and therefore they understand they prescribe the medicine for themselves without going back to a specialized doctor who tells them if they can originally use this medicine or not, and this thing has created among pharmacists an issue called OTC, which is an abbreviation for medicines that are sold by the pharmacist without a medical prescription and given by him

Today we will talk in this article about a wonderful application that helps the pharmacist to be able to know the medicines that he can sell on his own without going back to the doctor’s prescription because this application is based on linking modern scientific software with different drug references that allow many people use it without a medical prescription so that we can complete the medical process and provide care without the occurrence of any problems or errors that harm many people. It is an application
 OTC infopharm

 OTC infopharm
 This application is considered a medical reference that helps many people to know the medicines that they can take without going to the doctor, and then they can go to the pharmacist and ask for this medicine from the pharmacy, who here can provide this medicine easily and without any problems with it, whether with the Pharmacists Syndicate or with Ministry of Health Thus, technology provided a great service to the health sector and made people better and stronger, and they were able to obtain medicinal benefits that they could not obtain before

 Application features
 The application is free, and you can use it without paying any additional amounts or fees
 The size of the application is ideal and suitable for all Android devices, as it does not occupy a large area of the mobile phone, and you do not have to delete large amounts of applications in order to be able to download it

Download the application
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