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 If you suffer from vision problems, but you do not know how to diagnose this condition, and you cannot go to a doctor because you live in a far place, and you also suffer from seeing a lot of things, whether near or far, then there must be a problem with your vision, so you have to check it  without having to dispense with visiting the doctor absolutely, but you can find a way to help you check your eyesight, and today we will offer you this tool, which is a wonderful and ideal application that allows you to make sure that your eyesight is healthy and good, or tells you that there is a problem, and this matter that will require you to go to the doctor that we  are talking about the Eye exam app

Eye examination
If the scourge of the current time is the eye injuries that began to become many in the recent period, due to the presence of a lot of software that we follow continuously, such as the phone, television, and other electronic tools that accompany us throughout our day since waking up, so it seemed necessary that you check your visual acuity and the strength of your eyes  every period until you make sure that you are visually healthy and do not suffer from any specific problem that may deprive you of your sight in the future, which will make you suffer a lot
 Therefore, examination and periodic confirmation are much better than treatment, and as the popular proverb says, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of treatment, so the more information we receive  on a daily basis, it reaches the brain through sight, because it is the basic receptor on which a person depends in many things, such as walking, jogging, eating, and most daily activities According to a number of global charts

The method used in this application to check your eyesight is

You have to sit in a comfortable position and
 cancel the presence of any strong light on the phone screen

The phone screen must also be kept away from your eyes at a distance of 40 cm

You must also examine each eye separately

 At each examination, the other eye closes, then the test begins and a number of pictures and things are shown to you

Which you will see and ask you about what these things are, and you must know everything that is presented to you because it will be in a random sequence so that there are no sequences that help to know the result without using the eye

Eye exam features
This application is affiliated with international organizations that help to know a lot of statistics and charts that must be compatible with your vision

 The test is based on randomness to prevent any guessing of certain sequential answers

This application offers many measurements and statistics for free without the need to pay any specific amount, in addition to that the application has a suitable size for all devices without the need to delete a number of other programs until it is downloaded

Download the application
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