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 Many students try to memorize the names of medicines continuously so that they are able to use these medicines in their practical life in the future or succeed in the examination that they perform in the short term, but many of them suffer in memorizing these drug names and do not know how to deal with them because they are unable to keep up with the format of the names of medicines, as we find that many medicines carry the same endings or suffixes and differ in some letters, which makes memorizing them a very complicated matter, but with today’s application, the student will be able to differentiate between the types of medicines in a way allows him to be able to use them with the passage of time, as modern software has contributed to provide many applications that help in studying, such as the drug dictionary offline application

Drug Dictionary Offline 
This application summarizes all the drugs in the world in one place, where it collects them, and then you can search for the drug you want when you click on the search box, and then choose the drug you want and read about it, its uses, side effects, and dosage

What's in Drug dictionary offline
In this application there are a large number of medicines, as this application is constantly renewed and adds pharmaceuticals that come into use recently

The application arranges these medicines according to the alphabetical order from the first letter to the last letter in order to facilitate the search for the student who wants to search for a specific exchange, or even the patient who wants to read about a medicine he is taking

Application features
This application is free and you can download it from the store, and the application is devoid of any internal fees

This application can work without an Internet connection and does not contain any advertisement

The size of this application is very small and cannot be classified as one of the huge applications, as its size is 4 megabytes

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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