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 Internet speed measurement
Often people face a lot of trouble and problems with the Internet, due to the poor speed of work, so that some people do not know if the problem is from the Internet speed itself or from the receiving device, so they are looking for some applications that measure the speed of the Internet on the device
 And since we are now living in the area of modern software and technologies, the technical development that occurred in the recent period has created applications for us that specialize in various fields of life, including the application that we will talk about today, which is Internet Speed ​​Meter Lite

Internet Speed ​​Meter Lite app
This application calculates the speed of the Internet and notifies you of the real usage speed at which your device works through a permanent notification located in the notifications box on the main screen in addition to that this application monitors the network connection at all times when the device is working and its work is not limited to a limited time upon request

The application has many distinctive features, such as

This application works continuously and gives you permanent updates to quickly let you know the data usage on the network to which your device is connected

The application provides different statistics for each of the mobile data and the Wi-Fi network, each one separately

This application provides a comprehensive report of the last 30 days of data consumption

 The work of this application is not limited to measuring the speed of the Internet, but rather to checking the efficiency of the battery

This application provides a number of graphs that monitor the current internet speed

 Using this application is easy, as it has a simple interface that is devoid of any complications or problems

You can use this application for free without paying any amounts or fees

 The size of the application is suitable and ideal for all devices running the Android system, in addition to this application being free of annoying ads

Download the application
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