Transform the description of a person into image for him using the artificial intelligence

 Create a picture of a specific person based on the description, relying on artificial intelligence

Since the advent of modern technologies, software, and artificial intelligence, our lives have been turned upside down, because these modern inventions have become an important part of our day, because this science has entered various fields of life, scientific, cultural, literary, medical, entertainment, and many other fields

 It seems that artificial intelligence and modern software have reached the field, security and technical through the program that we will talk about today, which is DALL-E

  DALL-E Program
This program was released a while ago, during the past two years, when it was released on the basis of Open AI, and the program received a lot of fans at that time, although the techniques that were used were somewhat limited, and the program achieved great results because the technologies contained within it ensured a distinct sort  when the images are created for the individuals whose characteristics were given to him so that he forms an image of them, but despite that and despite that the application achieved great success, many developers unanimously agreed that this program is not suitable for public use, but only for entertainment

Program link
A while ago a GPT-3 implementation of DALL-E was released by OpenAI where it was modified and debugged to generate a number of images Click here 

And now we will talk about another application that helps to modify the features of the face using modern software, it is the FaceApp application

Application contents
The FaceApp application works on editing and modifying images using a number of features that make it the best application among the image applications, and it has won the admiration of people greatly, as the number of downloads has reached more than 500 million people

Application pros

This application allows the user to change the shape of his face to the opposite sex, where the man can see his face if he is a woman, and vice versa, the woman can see her face if she is a man

This application is characterized by its ability to choose the best hairstyle suitable for you, thanks to artificial intelligence

 In addition to chang the sex, you can also change the age, that is, you can see your face when you reach the age of seventy

You can also get entertaining content by changing faces with friends

 You can control your weight in the photos you edit because of the weight filters

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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