Compass Steel 3D

 If you like to know the directions and places and their locations, then you are in the right place because after today you will not find it difficult to know any place and you will not be afraid of the problem of getting lost on the roads with the presence of this special application that you will feel great benefit after downloading it directly, because it will make your way easier and in addition to that, it gives you the direction of the qiblah if you do not know the direction of the honorable Kaaba and you want to pray and face the qiblah anywhere in the world. It is the Compass Steel 3D application

Compass Steel 3D

This application is one of the wonderful applications that used artificial intelligence that makes people live more beautiful and easier because this application guides you to the site you are thinking of going to, so there is no problem in going to any site you want because you are confident that there will be no problems in directions.

 This application also provides many other services as it contains a number of wonderful features such as a 3D compass that gives you a number of correct and guiding angles until you reach the way you want

Application features

This application is an easy-to-use application, as it is a compass similar to the compass that sailors use

 The application is currently free of ads as Compass Steel 3D is an ad-free application

This application is not concerned with collecting your data and does not prosecute you, and the funding for the application comes from donations

-There are many colors in the application that you can choose one of them

The application provides a number of diverse directions where there are both true polar directions and magnetic directions

-This 3D application displays the positions of the sun and moon, in addition to the times of sunrise and sunset and times of moonrise and sunset

Download the application 

Get the application through the following link click here

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