Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

 If you are a fan of photos and videos and you like to take a lot of pictures that you keep as a beautiful memory for you, then the application that we will talk about today is completely suitable for you, because this application is characterized by its ability to edit images, and it is the famous and wonderful application that many people love
  The work is long from the years through which many developers were working using software technology and artificial intelligence until we get this wonderful application, as this application is considered one of the famous applications that are used in Android devices, as it edits and modifies images for free and can also help in taking pictures  directly, this application features tools that polish and clean images, and there are a large number of filters that help make the image purer, in addition to a number of background adjustment features, making it of high accuracy, and a great ability to put distinct images

Pros of this app
This application proposes a number of settings that make the image more beautiful, that is, it does not leave the subject to the user as the rest of the applications do, where through this application you can get a ready-made modified image automatically without doing the modification yourself, and the application chooses for you the best way to make the image look more beautiful  much more than it was

This app dramatically improves your photos to make you look better by removing acne, pimples, black spots, and blemishes on the face

This application adjusts the lighting, shadows, saturation and many other beautiful features

 This application takes pictures, which makes it a multi-use application
 You can use it as an image editor and as a camera at the same time, as it gives you professional image modes that help a lot in obtaining the best possible image
 It also has features found in a number of other applications such as cropping, modifying, mirroring and rotating images

The application is free and you can download it through many sites such as Google Play and APKpure, and a number of other world famous sites for free without paying any amount and you can download it without deleting any other applications and without causing any harm because the size of the application is perfect

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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