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 If you are a student in medical or pharmacy colleges, you must have heard about herbal therapy or the term herbal medicine, which is a type of medicine in which the patient takes one of the types of herbs instead of taking a medicinal dose of a specific medicine, and there are many people who are fully convinced of herbal varieties without having to take any particular drug class, and this made the community divided over the types of drugs that each preferred
 No one can use it, so we find that many people do not go to the doctor even because they do not want to take a chemical prescription, but rather they want natural herbs, and this is what makes them go to alternative medicine and today we will mention an application that helps to know the best herbs suitable for diseases and explanation It is Herbs and Use app

 Herbs and Use 
 This application is considered one of the pioneering and fun applications that are based on software, which helps in knowing the appropriate medicine for each case, through which you can know the herbs that will treat your health well, and then you can take this herb without any harm or danger occurring, and that is through Bite it or boil it with water and a lot of other ways, there are a number of herbs that help get rid of chest problems such as coughing and the effects of colds, in addition to the presence of some herbs that do and help refresh memory so if you download this application you will find a lot of wonderful benefits that will make you use it continuously to cure all diseases

 Pros of this app
 The application is free and you can use it without paying any large or small amounts

 The application does not require a large space, as it is sufficient to have a small space in order to be able to download it

 This application is suitable for all devices on which the application can be used

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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