Abjad Application

 In this world, there are many people who love to read novels, enjoy them, and imagine the events that take place within them

 They also love to know and analyze the characters, and they also like to look behind the story of each of the characters in the novel, because often these people are people with a high degree of knowledge, and today  we will talk about a distinguished application that is useful in presenting the best international and Arabic novels, which are the best novels in the world

 Even if you are one of the people who do not like reading, your opinion may change when you download the Abjad application

Abjad Application

This application is one of the leading Arab
 applications in the field of novels and their compilation from different parts of the world, as it contains a wide library rich in information and novels that many people may want to read, because the application offers a wonderful and distinct experience that makes you a lover of reading even if you were not like that before

The application updates itself and adds a number of useful novels and electronic publications

In the application there are two types of subscriptions, where you can start using this application and the free subscription, which gives you free use for a period of seven days, during which you can read 600 books and it is called after the end of the week

 You will pay an amount of approximately six dollars so that you can enjoy reading many books about a separate scientific branch

 You can  Read a book about health insurance, mortgages, and loans if you are a student at the Faculty of Economics

 You can also read medical books such as legislation, physiology, and other sciences, in addition to the entertainment section, which is characterized by the presence of novels and short stories

The most important features of Abjad 

You can use the application for free in the first
 week, as you do not have to pay the subscription amount immediately. If you do not like the application service, you are not obligated to continue

 There is a very large number of books in this application, up to 15,000 books and novels

 This application is not considered a huge application, so you can download it easily without spreading a large area

The most beautiful thing about this application is that its interface is simple and easy and makes you feel as if you are holding a real book

 You can also adjust the lighting, color and font, and you can read in night mode 

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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