Application of age calculation

 A person often thinks of calculating his age in days, months and hours, but sometimes he tends to calculate his age in hours and minutes in which it is difficult to reach the result quickly, because you will have to go to the calendar and then start counting the days day by day until you know the number of days that you lived through, and this will take you a very long time, and you will not be able to reach this number in less than two or three hours, so the presence of software, artificial intelligence, and modern technologies will help solve this problem because it provided a distinguished and wonderful application that will calculate the time that you have lived since the day you were born  until the day when you use the application, and this is something that was not previously present in many applications, so this application is considered a race to this service, in addition to that we will provide a site whose work is similar to the work of the application, so you can calculate your age through it or through the application, but the application contains additional features  we will talk about it in the article

Age account website
This beautiful site can calculate your age for you from the day you were born on both the Hijri and Gregorian dates, and here you will notice that the number of years that you lived in the Hijri year is greater than the years that you lived in the Gregorian year, and this is normal because there is an eleven-day difference between each of the  the Hijri and Gregorian dates, where this application can convert between them and give you the age  each of them  click here

 Application of age calculation

This application is very similar to the site that we talked about, except that it contains a number of additional features that make you want to download it more than using the site, because this application tells you, for example, the day you were born during the days of the week, and it also gives you the remaining time to celebrate your birthday and a number of features

  Others that make you prefer this application over the site and take advantage of modern software technologies that are linked to your date of birth

Application features

In this application there are a good number of features we talk about some of them

This application can calculate your age in years and tell you that you are 25 years old or in months, it can tell you that you are 300 months old or in weeks so your age will be 1307 weeks or in days your age will be 9131 days in addition to calculating it in hours and minutes

This application tells you the day you were born between the days of the week between Sunday and Saturday

This application can also calculate your age in the Hijri date and the Gregorian date separately and offer you how much time is left for your birthday to come

Download the app
Via the following link click here

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