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 If you are a citizen of the Syrian Arab Republic and you want to get a number of monthly materials and important allocations, then the article that you will read today is the appropriate article until you get the application that will secure all these important things، It is the way in application that belongs to the Syrian government that issued this application since  a period so that you can control your smart card allocations

way in app
This application of the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection is considered one of the applications that received a wide response in the Syrian territories, because all the monthly needs of the citizen are present in this application, as this application is considered a continuation of the process of integrating artificial intelligence and software into practical life, where the citizen can find in this application is the amount of basic materials available to him for all his needs, such as bread, gas, diesel fuel, gasoline, sugar, rice, and some other food supplies that are considered among the important materials, as these materials are distributed fairly to all people so that everyone gets what is enough for him, and some do not take more than their need, so they rise by depriving others, as this application is classified as an assistant for distributing material support provided by the government to all these allocations, meaning that the government pays part of the monthly allocations within the framework of citizen support, and then distributes it in a manner that suits everyone, and that is based on the number of family members in addition to the value of the income of each citizen

This application represents fairness in the distribution of resources in the country, where, as the minister mentioned, there is an amount of support of approximately 5000 billion Syrian pounds, which will be distributed to approximately four million smart cards, and thus the citizen will receive approximately an amount of approximately one million pounds for each smart card, just as the young man who lives  on his own, away from his family, he can get his own card, but it is less allowances because the number of beneficiaries is one, while in the family the number of beneficiaries is greater, and the issue is complicated and interferes in matters related to health insurance and real estate loans, because all these matters affect the income of the person, which leads to  be covered by support or not

The most important thing that the application offers
  What distinguishes this application in general is its ability to organize the role in a wonderful way, so that everyone gets their allocations from the daily needs in a regular and regular manner according to an electronic role that is registered on this application

You can download the application for free and there are no additional amounts for this application

 The size of the application is very suitable for all devices and does not cause any problems or damage to mobiles

 The application has an easy-to-use interface, where you can do what you want easily and access the monthly list of materials easily

 There is also the advantage of requesting oil derivatives at a free price in an additional quantity

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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