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 Have you tried to check your blood gases before, but you were not able to know the result if it was good or not, or did the doctor tell you before that you suffer from a problem of low or high pH

 You have the most suitable application that helps you solve this problem, as it enables you to analyze the result of the gases examined in your blood, in addition to the value of each of them and what they indicate, This application provides you with an estimate of the independence and expected disturbances that occur in the mixtures in your blood, and of the acid-base balance of the respiratory system, and this application is called ABG

This application records your blood gases that your doctor examined in the hospital and organizes them in a list, after which your blood gases are compared with normal indicators to enable you to know the result if it is good or not good, and it also tells you about the impact of your not good results on the blood, as this application links the medical field and laboratory cases with technological progress and artificial intelligence, as it includes several diverse units, and it treats the carbonate anion and the hydrogen ion when metabolized in your respiratory system

Application features
 It is one of the smoothest and easiest applications that enables you to enter data in a simple way through its unique interface

 The application contains several unique advantages, which we will tell you about as follows

The main feature, ABG, enables you to set the disorder if it is (respiratory or metabolic origin, acidosis or alkalosis) by using the pH value PaCO2 and HCO3

  The advanced feature of ABG, the application calculates the expected PaCO2 and HCO3 and the difference between them determines the extent of the occurrence of the main disorder, if it is (respiratory or metabolic origin, acidosis or alkalosis)

  This application gives you all the correct natural values, so it provides you with the values ​​of arterial blood gases /ABG/, as the explanation related to arterial blood gases is very easy and simple, whether there is acidosis or metabolism at the expense of the metabolic state or the respiratory system

 This application is important for the worker in the health field and not only for the patient, as it enables him to understand the imbalance that occurs in the alkaline and acid balance in the metabolic state or in the respiratory system

 You do not have to pay to get this application, as it is free, and you can use it to discover the state of your acid and alkaline blood gases at any time you want

 You can get this application through the following link click here

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