King Fahd University Scholarship

 Many students prefer to complete their studies outside the country because the opportunities are much greater than other countries

Today we will talk about a special scholarship offered by one of the developed countries, to which we can apply with our certificates, Syria

 Today we are talking about the Saudi scholarship that allows you to study at King Fahd University, which   It is considered one of the strongest universities in the world

 In this article, we will list the details of the grant and the method of application

 We will then talk about a distinguished application that helps you learn the English language, which is one of the things required in this scholarship

 Like the rest of the universities, King Fahd University owns a number of buildings, each of which is specialized  with something, for example, in one of the buildings there are offices for administrators, in the other building there is housing for students and halls, and in another building there are a number of laboratories

Scholarship information
The scholarship is unique and wonderful, as it takes care of all costs and expenses, even the cost of the plane, and thus you can study there for a monthly wage without paying anything

Specialties included in the scholarship
Software Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering
Control and measurement system engineering
Computer science
Computer engineering
Computer networks, industrial engineering and systems

Grant benefits
The scholarship is free, and there are no amounts or fees that you have to pay, so that the books are free

There is a monthly salary for each student and an exemption from paying airline tickets

University housing for students

Medical insurance that guarantees you treatment in state hospitals

Documents required to register for the scholarship
A certified baccalaureate certificate if you want to study a bachelor’s degree or a certified university certificate if you want to study a master’s degree

A valid passport

Motivation letter and motivation along with a CV

A number of letters of recommendation written by professors who supervised your studies at school or university

Certificate in English with a good grade

Experiences, volunteers and charitable work that you have done

Finally, you will be asked to reveal the marks certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Education

Scholarship application link click here

And after I finished talking about the grant, we must now talk about a wonderful and distinct application that you have to use in order to learn the English language, and it is an application that was established based on modern software science that linked sciences, languages ​​and literatures together.  It's a Cake app

Cake app
You can use this application to learn the English language, which is now required in all specializations and educational grants, and you cannot basically go anywhere in the world without learning the English language

 This application will provide you with a great service in that it can teach you a lot of grammar and words in the English language, which is the leading language in the field of science today

The application is free, its size is light, and it will not take up much space on the device, as it is suitable for all Android devices

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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