The most important programs that the student need in the Virtual University

 Studying via the Internet is one of the most common phenomena that has spread in the recent past, especially since the spread of the global epidemic, COVID-19, where many students preferred to study from home and stay behind screens to take lessons without the need to go to universities or schools, but this experience was temporary and not permanent

This is because, after the end of the epidemic, students returned to schools and universities, but there are some students who always study behind screens, they are students of virtual universities, as there are virtual studies all over the world that enable you to obtain various certificates, and the Syrian Virtual University, which was founded in 2002, is one of these universities

 The leader in the field of virtual distance education, and many students can register at this university in order to obtain many certificates that we will mention successively in this article

Specializations available at the Syrian Virtual University

Bachelor’s degree
Informatics Engineering
media and Communication
communication technology
Educational qualification diploma
Information technology
English language

Master of Medical Education
Postgraduate Masters in Web Science

Master of Qualification and Specialization in Web Technologies

Master of Qualification and Specialization in Technology Management

Master of Qualification and Specialization in Quality Management

MSc Bioinformatics

Master of qualification and specialization in Business Administration

Finally, we will talk about the applications that the student must have in order to continue his education at the Syrian Virtual University, where he will need five applications that work with artificial intelligence technology and modern software that works to refresh memory and reach a high academic degree

 We will now mention them
There is a very important program that can play all clips and videos on different browsers
The student must have it in order to follow all the important videos in his studies، It is Adobe Shockwave Player click here 

He will also need a second application that runs the sessions so that he can watch these sessions later ,the size of this application is very small, as it is 1 MB
 It is Collaboration Player click here 

There is a third application that the student can use to run the online lectures on the browser so that he can access the lecture quickly. It is the Linktivity Desktop Client program 

As for this fourth application, it is a program that allows you to attend all sessions directly and its size is approximately 23 MB. It is the SVU Online Sessions program click here 

And the last application, you cannot study anything without it because it is very important in order to play the audio in the sessions you attend, otherwise you will see a video of the professor giving the lecture without any audio Tsp Codec click here

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