300 Medical Information Book

300 Medical Information Book
In the science of medicine, there are many rules and established foundations that no doctor can neglect and some inherent laws that the doctor must follow in order to be able to practice his profession normally and well to avoid dangers and deal with symptoms in a way that excludes at the beginning the most dangerous disease, then the least dangerous, then the least

 Thus, we can reach a consistent scientific methodology that allows us to conduct clinical examination and interrogation correctly and accurately and away from errors and problems

And so that every doctor can see this information, we will talk today about a book that brings together the 300 most important medical information in one book

  It is a book of 300 medical information
This book differs from the academic books that are studied at the university. It is impossible to find a book similar to it in the medical and educational curricula because it cannot teach the student how to practice medicine properly, but he can add to him a lot of information that enriches his stock of medical knowledge as the doctor will continue  with the methodology that he learned at the university, which is the interrogation, then the examination, then the investigations, and in the end the treatment, and then the follow-up, but when the interrogation and the examination he will benefit from this book because it will add some advice and theories to him, which will allow the student to learn the diagnostic skills and how to take the initial procedure, especially if it is an emergency procedure, and many have agreed  doctors and experts in the medical field put this advice and information in place, and then the esteemed doctor Salah Youssef Fakhourji put it in this book in both Arabic and English

Book contents
This book is not considered a large book, as it consists of 31 pages only, but these pages contain very valuable information, which is considered a summary of the experience of a number of well-known doctors who formulated this information on the principle of “until the contrary is proven.”  Obstetrics, gynecology

Doctors also used some references, such as the Davidson International Reference

Some of the contents in the book

If a person continues to cough with a high temperature without any signs of improvement after taking antibiotics for a period exceeding two weeks, then it is tuberculosis until proven otherwise

Every chronic and severe itching in a female in the vagina is vulvar cancer until proven otherwise

If the patient feels a sudden loss of vision in one eye, he is suffering from a blockage in the central retinal artery until proven otherwise

If the patient's child suffers from runny nose in one nostril and not the other, then we must check for any foreign objects inside the nose

If the patient suffers from a very strong headache that he has not had before, then it is most likely a subarachnoid hemorrhage in the brain unless proven otherwise

When an elderly patient suffers from difficulty swallowing, it is esophageal cancer until proven otherwise, although esophageal cancer is a very rare cancer, it is considered one of the most dangerous cancers, so it must be kept in our minds first

Download the book
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