Scholarship for Germany by the Heinrich Böll Foundation

 If you are looking for an opportunity to study abroad, especially in Western European countries and in Germany in particular, then you are reading the appropriate article today that will provide you with a scholarship paid for costs provided by the famous Heinrich Boll Foundation, and we will talk about the details of this grant in this article

Why is studying abroad important
Many people believe that studying in European countries is beneficial for better academic achievement, because a lot of references and information are available in libraries, which allows the student who studies in those countries to access the information he wants and then builds on it hypotheses that give new results, and thus this student can improve from his educational attainment, in addition to improve the economic situation and living conditions, and obtaining better services

Who is the Heinrich Böll Foundation
This institution is considered one of the legal institutions that belong to the Green Party, as this institution was established in 1997 when the party merged three institutions that have the same idea, which is to provide scholarships
This institution was named after the German writer Heinrich Boll

The required things and the necessary conditions in order to obtain the grant

 First, the applicant must show his documents and papers via the Internet, and there is no direct submission method

To speak German and be proficient in it, and to possess a certificate proving this matter, such as Goethe's

 According to the university specialization, the student must obtain university admission in order to be able to benefit from the grant

 To possess an educational qualification in his specialization with a very good grade

This scholarship includes different levels of study, starting with a bachelor’s degree, followed by a master’s degree and a doctorate

Documents and papers required of the applicant

A copy of the personal identity so that you can identify yourself, in addition to a valid passport

The academic certificate that you obtained, which qualifies you to study the branch you want, provided that this certificate is certified by both the Ministry of Education and Foreign Affairs

A transcript confirming that you have succeeded in all subjects at the university, attested by the Ministry of Education or the university

Obtaining a number of letters of recommendation from the professors who taught and supervised you

The CV, in which you put all the certificates, capabilities, abilities, talents, and hobbies that you can do, so that you should include the volunteer work that you did

Letters of motivation and an essay in which you write the purpose of the visit to Germany and what goals you want to achieve and present there

And after knowing all the required papers and reading about the majors in which you can register, we will now put you the application links in this scholarship

You can apply for bachelor's and master's scholarships via the following link

Apply for PhD scholarships via the following link click here 

And after we finished talking about the scholarship, we must talk about one of the useful applications that can help with scholarships, as this application offers many free scholarships until you choose one of them and travel and study abroad

 It is the Study Shoot application
The application that provides many free and funded scholarships, where this application works, thanks to software science, by searching for various free and paid scholarships and presenting them to you so that you can apply to them.
The United States of America, Canada, Turkey, European Union countries and other countries whose universities offer scholarships for the year 2022 2023

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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