Biology Cellular Respiration App

 The biology of cellular respiration

Biology is concerned with the study of life in the various components of humans, animals and plants

 Everything in which a large number of interactions take place and does something on its own is a living organism that biology is interested in studying and is concerned with all organisms, starting from cells and ending with living organisms

Today we will talk about the secret of life in all organisms, and this secret is the mechanism of action of cells in obtaining energy, and we will also talk about an application that helps us learn these steps

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Biology Cellular Respiration App 
The function of this application is to provide a mechanism for cells to deal with carbohydrates through a number of distinct tables and images that contain all ideas related to the cell obtaining energy from sugar molecules after they enter the cell and then to the mitochondria

Application contents
The application includes the cell dealing with the sugars that come to it with the blood so that the sugar molecule enters the cell and anaerobic hydrolysis takes place in the cytoplasm, and then we get pyruvate that enters the Krebs cycle, which takes place in the mitochondria, where this cycle ends with the breakdown of carbohydrates into the basic components water and carbon in addition to molecules  energy

Pros of the application
This application is free and you can download it from the store without paying any money

This application helps the student to study by making him control the process of decomposition, oxidation, and the Krebs cycle until he finally reaches the result

  This is a type of test provided by artificial intelligence and modern software

The size of this application is small and is suitable for all devices, so it does not take up a large area of ​​the device, as it works on all devices that support the Android system

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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