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                            Today’s application is considered one of the applications of interest to many people, and perhaps the most interested in these applications are the girls who want to get a picture drawn for their face.  It's a modified photo and it's taken from an Android device، The app we're talking about is sketch Photo Maker 

:Sketch Photo Maker

This application is characterized by its ability to transform the images that we take with our phones into beautiful drawings that look as if they were drawn by an international artist because this application uses many effects and is characterized by the presence of many ideas of artificial intelligence and modern technologies that transform all these images into drawings by pressing a button where in the moment  In the latter, we found a beautiful integrated work in which there is a union between information technology and fine art 

In order to benefit from this application, all you have to do is to upload a picture that you took yourself to this application, and then it will convert it into a beautiful artistic painting, but the image format you upload must be  BNG, JPG, or any of the formats approved by this application, and then you will get a wonderful, beautiful and distinct picture  

You can adjust the effects or even the degree of density or the type of pencil you want to use, as there are other things you can work on such as lighting, brightness and shadows 

Sketch Photo Maker Features 

-This application is characterized by its ability to use a pencil and convert images into drawings

- The application also contains the feature of drawing water colors

- When you convert a picture into a pencil drawing, the picture looks real because of the many effects and techniques that work to make this picture look like a drawing

- There are also other features and effects in the application that make this work easy, simple and fast

- You can choose the color and density that suits you with regard to the pencil with which you will draw the drawing 

:How to use Sketch Photo Maker

 Choose a photo from the gallery or take a photo directly 

 Upload this photo to the app 

Choose the drawing effect you want to get the most beautiful picture possible 

 Apply the color of the pen you want and then choose the pencil from which wide options are available 

Finally - the photo is ready and you can save it in the gallery and share it with your friends   

 If you want to download this application

   Click here    

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