Status Saver Application

Do you want to get all the videos that are on your friends' WhatsApp stories and do you feel
 embarrassed when you send a message to those people who put this status in order to send it to you, well, you will not suffer from this problem anymore because we found the solution for you in the form of a wonderful application that will make you download  any status you want on WhatsApp, it's a status        saver app   

Status Saver 
This application is one of the amazing applications that will make your life easier so that you can access the beautiful videos that you want, as you are always confused how to own the video in your phone

 He must, unless you send a request to the owner of the case, to send you this video quickly and dramatically

But when you download this application, you do not have to suffer from this, because you can own the video in the gallery through this wonderful application

This application can download all kinds of different stories, such as photos, videos, documents, or any other cases

Application features 
This application is characterized by ease of use and dazzling its simple interface and you do not have to face problems anymore because using this application is not difficult at all

 The application has a very small area and you do not have to delete many applications in 
order to download it

This application is beautiful and easy to use

You can use this application simply as it is beautified by many dazzling and amazing colors that help you use this useful application that helps you download a lot of stories

To get the application through the following link click here
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