Teach Me Surgery

If  you are a student in one of the medical colleges and dream of studying surgeries, but you do not know where to start, especially if you are in the early years and you are not allowed to enter the operating room, then this article is very suitable for you because today we brought an application that you will like، this application talks about surgery and its education  and many other details related to it, as this application is considered one of the distinguished applications that are useful in getting rid of the fear of entering the operating room in the future, because you are used to the atmosphere of surgical operations through this application. It is the application of Teach Me Surgery

Teach Me Surgery
What distinguishes this application most is that it is an application rich in a lot of information and surgical cases, as there are more than 400 surgical cases in this application, in addition to a large number of reviews that are read and audited by specialists and a very large number of experts, as this application was created by  a number of medical teams that include doctors specializing in surgery, that is, you can be reassured about the information that you will learn, because the application was prepared by expert and distinguished hands, so you can use it to care for surgical patients and learn surgery easily and simply.

  By linking technological technologies with scientific information, and this is something that will always make you in continuous development as you learn these many medical matters.

There are many features in the application, such as
 This application is characterized by scientific intensity, as it contains a large number of 
medical articles, which exceed 400 articles
 In this application there are many illustrations and very useful educational videos that allow you to use them in an easy and simplified way, and you can then learn a lot about it because learning by eye is easier than learning by reading
 In this application there is also a quick quiz in order to review a lot of the surgical information that you learned through this application, as it contains more than 600 questions that the application can ask you with a number of options, then you will choose the correct option and then the application will give it the correct answer with  his interpretation

 You can use this application when you do not have an Internet connection, as you can save the files that you have read and save them in the Offline list, and then you can return to them whenever you want without having an Internet connection

 You can download this application for free without any problem

 The size of this application is very suitable for all devices and cannot cause problems for your device as it works on all different Android devices

If you want to get this application, you can  download it through the following link  
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