Game: Classic Music Song

If you are one of the people who enjoy music and love to learn it, and you wish that you could play the beautiful piano, then you are in the right place that will teach you and make you enjoy this beautiful game

 Now you can listen to music and play the piano without learning to play. You will get all this and more after downloading this wonderful and unique application

 It is the Game: Classic Music Song application

Game: Classic Music Song
This application is one of the beautiful and entertaining applications, which many consider a game for entertainment, because all that must be done in this game is to press the squares until you get a distinctive musical tone and music that pleases the ear

 You can also use this application to play and learn the notes and the music that is present inside this application, where you can learn it and play this game whenever you want, where you must click on these squares, but you have to be careful not to lose, because you loss when these squares disappear without pressing on them, which will make you repeat the piece from the beginning until you win

  Thus, this game provided the high musical benefit that delighted the ears, in addition to that it provided an educational benefit for people who want to learn to play the piano, as this application works on the artificial intelligence feature in addition to the important technological techniques that are closely related to the musical sciences in this wonderful and entertaining application that makes  learning to play and enjoying it is one thing you love to do 

Advantages of the application
 You can download this game for free and there are no fees 
 This application is characterized by a low size and you can download it easily
 This application can work on all Android devices

To download the application via the following link click here

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