Perseus Game

 Today we brought you an old game that you will love very much because it has a great deal of memories of the past that you lived in

 This game is very well known in the Arab world, the Middle East and even in the neighboring countries

 Today we will highlight some of the details in this game and explain many of its ideas and features

Perseus game
This game is called by many names Barjis or Persis, which is an ancient game with high popularity and Indian origins, and it is also considered very well known, so that it occupied a heritage rank in many countries such as the Levant and its neighboring countries, as it started from Syria and then spread to the Arab world  Basrah

The goal of this game is to place stones on the board and then walk these stones from one target to the other target and then advance them to reach the victory

You can play this game against one, two or three players and you can play against the computer or your friend on the same device

Traditional game components
 This application contains a beautiful embroidered piece of cloth, divided into a number of squares for placing stones on it
 There are six pieces of different shapes made of shells, and they are the pieces that are thrown in each round so that you can move the stones in these squares
 There are also stones that you want to move

Application features
This application is free and you do not have to pay any additional amounts or fees to be able to download it
The size of this application is small, so you do not have to delete many applications to be able to download it  
 This application is suitable for all Android devices and you can use it in an easy and simple way without causing any damage to the device

Download the game
You can download this game from Apkpure via the following link click here

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