How do I succed as a sales representative

 The sales representative is the person who links the labor market with the factory in order to promote some of the important and distinctive goods produced by the factory so that commercial stores buy these goods and then sell them to customers, which helps increase money earning and raise income for the factory and the commercial store
 To the representative who offered these products and persuaded the shop owner to buy them and that they will generate abundant profit so that he can sell those goods to him and buy large quantities from the factory that allow him to obtain large profits and thus the sales representative can get a percentage of the sales that the shop owner bought from the factory and thus he increases his income and wealth and works in this way until he gets enough money

A successful sales representative can be evaluated based on several criteria such as
Each person working in the profession of a sales representative must achieve a sales goal that he reaches and is called in English Target. When he reaches a percentage in sales, he can be considered successful

Training and intensive courses are very important for the representative so that he can get to know the company’s products better and be able to see all the information he wants to know about the products and then he can read to customers the information with confidence and he can explain to them what is the work of all these products and thus  he can convince them to sell products faster

Some important tips for the sales representative
Each representative must study the company’s products and become acquainted with them, regardless of the nature of the specialization of each company, as it may be a medical, food, cosmetic or other company

Seeking to acquire many skills, which makes him a successful person, and he can benefit from the expertise within the company

Each delegate must listen to and adhere to the advice of his supervisor so that he can succeed in his field

A job in the profession of a sales representative requires long patience, because each representative needs a long time for customers to get used to him and build strong confidence among them that makes them able to deal with him comfortably, continuously, and with great dignity, without the occurrence of any problem

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