ChatGpt artificial intelligence application

 With the progress of time, artificial intelligence has taken on the role of humans in a large and increasing manner, due to the great services it provides very quickly, as artificial intelligence has become able to perform a wide range of tasks that there was no possibility to accomplish before, but thanks to the presence of artificial intelligence, there is a great opportunity to accomplish a set of the tasks through it without having to hire a larger number of employees, and this matter also posed a danger to employees from the possibility of excluding them and dispensing them thanks to the presence of artificial intelligence capable of performing all tasks easily

Today, we will present to you one of the most famous sites that work thanks to artificial intelligence, which is ChatGpt, which uses artificial intelligence extensively and allows you to obtain a set of information and perform some tasks easily

This site is considered one of the best sites that have appeared on the Internet for a long time, thanks to its ability to provide a group of software, technical, scientific, literary, medical and other important branches, as this site has become able to answer all questions and various consultations that may come to your mind, which makes it one of  the most important and best distinctive applications

The most important thing that ChatGpt can do
You can have some nice conversations with the app

 The application can help you pass some important tests and questions in various scientific, mathematical and medical fields

This site can write a set of different articles for you, and you only have to put the title you want and you will find that the application has written a complete article on the topic you want

The aforementioned artificial intelligence website and software can work in translation as well

The artificial intelligence site works as a proofreader for all articles in different languages

The site can also work in graphic design, so it only has to give it the design that you imagine in your mind, and it will do it for you

The site also suggests a set of things you can do

The official link to the site click here 

Today's application
In today's article, we will present to you the best application that engineering students benefit from for high school students, which is a smart calculator that can perform all mathematical operations very quickly and with high accuracy

Application details
The calculator that we will talk about today is characterized by its ability to perform some complex mathematical operations in addition to solving most of the various mathematical exercises, especially those related to equations of the second or third degree, in addition to trigonometric equations, and all of the above can be illustrated with a set of wonderful graphs

Download the application
You can download it through the this link
We don't know if artificial intelligence will affect our life completely

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