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 Many people want to know the percentage of love between them and their partner, as there are many applications on the Internet that provide sufficient opportunities to know how much love is between the two partners, as these applications initially register your name and the name of your partner, and then it will tell you the amount of love between you

Today, we will talk about one of the wonderful applications that fits this idea, where this application, thanks to the presence of artificial intelligence and advanced technologies, can tell you the percentage of understanding between you and your partner.
 It is the application of Love Calculator - Real love, which can know the percentage of love between any two people

Love Calculator - Real love app details
It is considered one of the beautiful and entertaining applications that you can spend a good time through, by knowing the appropriate amount of love between you and your partner, whether it is a wife, fiancee, or lover, and it is considered one of the wonderful free applications that enables you to know these things

Application features
The interface of the application reflects the content within it, as it is full of hearts, red colors, and other nice and beautiful things

 You can get the application from the store for free without paying any amount of money, and it is suitable for all Android devices

This application can be relied upon to spread pleasure and entertainment, because the application certainly does not depend on correct scientific foundations, but rather it relies heavily on luck and pleasure, so it is considered an entertaining tool to spend an enjoyable time between partners

The size of the application is ideal and appropriate, and you do not need to empty the space until you download it

The results obtained by you and your partner can be shared directly on social media platforms

Download the application
Through the following link click here
Enjoy your time with your partner,and know how much do you love each other

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